Elevate/Elevar Founders’ Commitment to Community


At WEPOWER, we approach power as an abundant resource. Rather than using power over communities, our founders build and share economic power and political power with communities most impacted by historic disinvestment. Positive social impact already drives Elevate/Elevar founders, but with the Founders' Commitment to Community, the development of our company's community wealth-building and engagement practices become core values and standards against which to measure competency.

All incoming founding teams commit to uphold this set of principled actions. We welcome founders and business leaders outside of Elevate/Elevar to sign-on!

The Commitments to Community


The minimum wage fails to be enough to meet the basic needs of St. Louis families, much less enable my employees to build generational wealth. No matter how hard one works, being paid minimum wage won't break the vicious cycle of poverty. For the City of St. Louis, a family-sustaining hourly wage for one adult and one child starts at $24.07. My company will provide families the fundamental right to earn wages that allow them to thrive.

Workforce Development

These workforce development programs can help my company hire members of St Louis' disinvested communities, activating the potential of Black and Latinx families by creating upwardly-mobile career pathways. By ensuring my employees have the skills to support their current and future companies, I will help fuel the growth of underserved populations, thus sparking regional growth.

Employee Investment

My company will provide employees with benefits, or share in my company's profits, so they can better focus on building their potential as individuals and as employees. My company will also benefit from higher employee retention, greater engagement, and increased sales and output. By investing in people where my company operates, I can help disinvested communities throughout St. Louis.

Racial Equity Culture

My company will create a culture of inclusion that promotes better work for all by establishing diversity and inclusion goals, mitigating bias in the employment life cycle, and participating in diversity sessions. Promoting diversity as a core goal will exemplify what it means to be a great company for people from all backgrounds to work.