Company Mentors—Advise an early-stage entrepreneur!


Whether you’re an investor, industry executive, attorney, policymaker, or another seasoned professional or entrepreneur, venture teams can benefit from your experiences and networks.

You understand that there are many complexities with starting and scaling a new venture. You welcome the opportunity to share candid stories of how you overcame obstacles and learned from your failures. Not only do you offer wisdom, experience, and grit, you know and represent the power of humility and empathy.  You are not just an expert in your field, but you also have a passion for serving in community and creating equitable spaces for all people.

Elevate Advisors serve as members on an advisory board made up of a mix of people who have grown successful companies, worked with venture-backed companies, experienced being founders of color, and/or successfully navigated difficult professional situations. You also have and share your self-care routines, time management systems, and other ways you stay balanced enough to run your business and/or lead change, care for your family, and serve in your community.

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