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Zero Interest Loans For The People By The People

In partnership with Kiva, WEPOWER helps make capital more accessible to small business owners, particularly those who have been excluded by the mainstream financial system.

Entrepreneurs of color face direct discrimination and structural racism, resulting in less access to capital, compounding existing inequities and making it harder for communities of color to build generational wealth. Research has shown that Black entrepreneurs are rejected for loans at higher rates, on average approved for lower loan amounts, and charged higher average interest rates. It’s time to address these barriers.

Borrow Funds to Fuel Your Dreams

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.” – Tupac

Zero interest. Zero fees. Grace period. Access a loan between $1,000-$15,000. Kiva acts as a first-rung on an otherwise inaccessible financial ladder, creating an important new path to the financial mainstream.

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Am I Eligible?

In order to receive a loan from Kiva, you must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

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The Process

Learn more about the process below and reach out to Edgar, our Capital Access Manager, to learn more or get started. You can email Edgar at [email protected] or sign up for a time to talk 1:1 with him using the link below.


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Vision 2018

We co-hosted and sponsored this year’s Vision conference that brought together hundreds of St. Louis entrepreneurs interested in launching and scaling new ventures. We loved connecting with the participants at our booth!

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Grounded in Hope

We will have the opportunity to vote for many important positions like state and U.S. Senators. In St. Louis city, where our Power-Builders are running GOTV canvasses and phone banks, the ballot includes candidates for the district’s elected school board.

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Intro to Entrepreneurship

We are hosting three Intro to Entrepreneurship events with the Promise Zone to share resources and hear what community members in North city and county need most to launch and grow successful businesses. Space is still available!

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WEPOWER Welcomes Bijal Desai-Ramirez to Lead Economic Power-Building

During these last months our team has been busy dreaming, challenging, and fortifying our values, our strategies, and our definition of impact.  Our first pilot program hit its half-point mark, and we are cultivating a sense of energy and purpose with our regional partners and our inaugural cohort of power-builders.

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WEPOWER Prepares North St. Louis Residents to Lead Education Policy Change

With great excitement, I’m writing to you having transitioned from interim Executive Director of Forward Through Ferguson into serving as full-time CEO & founder of WEPOWER.

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Forward Through Ferguson #STL2039 Action Plan

Before I transitioned to full time at WEPOWER, I had the great pleasure of designing and launching a three-year #STL2039 Action Plan. Take a look! Engage. This important work is not possible without your action, belief, and radical collaboration!