Rise 189 Update & Call to Testify at the School Board Meeting

In March 2019, Rise 189 members met with Superintendent Culver and testified at the district’s monthly school board meeting. Our meeting with Superintendent Culver went well, and we are optimistic that his support will lead to the implementation of our policy solutions.

  1. Implement community-wide strategic planning every three years.

  2. Report progress of strategic plan to the community annually.

  3. Record and televise all school board meetings.

The school board meeting was a different story. At the meeting board members tried to silence our voices. Still, we are not discouraged. While board members have refused individual meetings with us, their constituents, we continue to hold that door open for collaboration. This week, we are testifying at the April board meeting—Tuesday, April 23 at 6pm at 1005 State Street, East St. Louis, Illinois.

Will you join us and stand up for our children?

Post-Meeting Update: Superintendent Culver committed to televise board meetings and appoint two staff members to work with Rise 189 on implementing the other two policies.