A Giving Community Committed to Long-Term Power Building

Build Power, Month to Month

Local-led power building requires deep engagement, training, and ongoing financial support. By joining our Monthly Giving Community, you allow WEPOWER to respond swiftly to our community's needs and sustain our vital programs.

Your monthly gift, ranging from $5 to $100, serves as the lifeblood of our efforts. It enables us to consistently reimagine social systems, activate the power of people, partners, and public narratives, and leverage that activation to win policy campaigns to transform our region at a systemic level.

Your generosity fuels the creation of a beloved community, sourcing the internal power needed to drive change. Together, WE are creating a beloved community while finding ways to create joy and laughter throughout our pursuit of a better future. 

It comes with some cool perks, too: 

  • Exclusive quarterly newsletters that keep you up to date on impact, opportunities, and stories from our changemakers and entrepreneurs. (We promise it’s worth the read.)
  • Grabbing coffee with a member of the WEPOWER team to deepen our relationship with one another.
  • Goodies in the mail and discounts to events like The Garden Party 

Join us with a monthly gift today!

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More Ways to Give:

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Honor Someone Special

Celebrate a loved one by making a donation in their honor or memory. Visit the giving page above to contribute. WEPOWER will notify the recipient of your choice.

Give with Confidence

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