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An event that brings together families, changemakers, entrepreneurs, friends, and partners to celebrate, build community, and activate our power. Friday, August 16 through Sunday, August 180.

WEPOWER is building a team of full dreamers and doers.

On the Right Side of History

December 20, 2023 So I don’t bury the lead; this is a fundraising letter and then some. 🙂    As I close out 2023, like many of you, I am reflecting on what I learned, how I showed up as a leader, what we accomplished, what seeds we planted for future harvests, and the larger…

We Pull Up for Our Babies

As a mother of two beautiful boys in North City, St. Louis, I wake up each morning to advocate for my babies. It goes beyond the two born during a global pandemic – I fight for the thousands of babies in St. Louis lacking adequate childcare, including the under-resourced facilities and teachers crucial for women…

Cherly’s Herbs Heads to Vegas with Eye on Expansion

Friday, August 18th at Missouri’s Botanical Garden, WEPOWER hosted their second ever Garden Party. Charli shared some reflections and also presented investment checks to two entrepreneurs leading businesses that WEPOWER Capital has recently invested in. October 23, 2023 Cherly’s Herbs Heads to Vegas with Eye on Expansion One of the largest trade shows of its…