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This campaign is being launched by all-Black group of East St. Louisans. Elevate ESTL, a community organizing campaign requests that:

  1. East St. Louis City Council passes a Community Benefits Agreement ordinance.
  2. The City and newly formed Community Committee develop and monitor a first source hiring program.
  3. The City of East St. Louis launches a workforce development fund.
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What’s Next SLPS? Campaign


St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) faces a crisis: plummeting enrollment has caused the district to lose roughly 90,000 students since the 1970s. 😱 SLPS has responded to this crisis by closing and consolidating schools.

Power Builders have joined this work, and they, a coalition of North STL parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, educators, and concerned citizens, believe school closures are an opportunity to reimagine what’s next for SLPS.

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Check Out THE

17 community-designed steps on the path to a
transformed early childhood education system

Better Budgets, Better Schools Campaign Update


Since September 2018, we’ve been on the ground pushing for change, building a powerful movement, and achieving tangible wins towards our demands. You’ve been a part of this effort to drive change.

Together, we have achieved tangible wins. The progress that has been achieved to date wouldn’t be possible without you, your support, your belief, and your action.

To support Saint Louis Public Schools with formally adopting these demands, we have published this policy toolkit that includes research, case studies on other school systems, and a draft resolution.

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2020 Elevate/Elevar Cohort


After talking to hundreds of founders, reviewing 90+ applications, interviewing 40+ entrepreneurs, and 800+ community members voting, we have selected 10 dynamic Black and Latinx entrepreneurs to join WEPOWER’s inaugural cohort of the Elevate/Elevar Accelerator. 

They are scaling tech, health, and construction companies. They are creating delectable vegan dishes. They are supporting boys across the globe with growing their literacy skills. They are St. Louis proud and committed to sparking economic development in areas like North St. Louis City.

Companies accepted into our inaugural cohort will access connections, co-working, curriculum, and capital that will elevate their ability to be investment ready and scale their company to new heights.

The potential, the commitment, and the incredible entrepreneurialism of our inaugural cohort is a story of possibility. 

We need you to join us. Sign up today as a mentor who works with one of the Elevate/Elevar Entrepreneurs: bit.ly/wepowerelevatementor.

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Eastside residents are calling for
change in School District 189.

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