Theory of Change


Our systems are poorly designed. They harm communities of color and limit our collective potential to thrive.

ECONOMIC. Closing the racial earnings gap by 2030 would increase GDP by more than $5 trillion a year. Closing the racial gap in entrepreneurship would increase the nation’s income by $300 billion.

HEALTH. Closing racial health disparity gaps could save the U.S. $363 billion in 2050.

EDUCATION. Closing the education gap between black and Hispanic and white students would have increased GDP by 2-4% in 2008–$310-$525 billion.

JUSTICE. Mass incarceration costs $182 billion yearly, yet has very little impact on public safety or crime reduction. Imagine other ways we could better spend those dollars.

But, only people with power get to design systems. Today, many Black and Latinx communities have not realized their power.

ISOLATION. Communities of color are isolated from the tables and spaces where decisions are made and ideas are created.

DONE TO. Decisions are done to communities of color instead of imagined, created, and implemented with and by them.

OVERLOOKED, UNDERESTIMATED. Communities of color have perceived deficiencies and needs. In reality, they have solutions, capacities, and expertise.


We envision a nation where we all have power to lead change so every community prospers.


We activate community power to re-design education, economic, health, and justice systems to be just and equitable for all.

We Engage Community

Residents of all kinds who live in place-based communities who want to connect with people, opportunities, and solutions.



We Activate Changemakers

Residents in place-based communities who are ready to lead policy and systems change.

We Accelerate Creators

Community-based entrepreneurs with scalable solutions that build wealth in target areas.