Better Budgets, Better Schools Achieves Multiple Wins Towards Equitable Funding Policies at SLPS

JANUARY 31, 2020

Better Budgets, Better Schools Achieves Multiple Wins Towards Equitable Funding Policies at SLPS

Better Budgets Better Schools logo with smiling black families

We Demand...

We started as 16 determined women. Women who are Saint Louis Public Schools (SLPS) alums, parents, grandparents, aunts, and current and retired educators. We started off and remain women who deeply believe in the potential and responsibility of SLPS to provide every child, from every corner of the city access to an excellent education.

In September 2018, we launched our inaugural campaign, Better Budgets, Better Schools, demanding increased SLPS budget transparency and community input to drive equitable allocation of resources.

Long term, we envision a future where adequate resources are allocated towards our public school communities most in need.

Since September 2018, we’ve been on the ground pushing for change, building a powerful movement, and achieving tangible wins towards our demands. You’ve been a part of this effort to drive change. Together, we have demanded more for our children, more for our city.

We Win…


Together, we have achieved tangible wins. The progress that has been achieved to date wouldn’t be possible without you, your support, your belief, and your action.

The Better Budgets, Better Schools Campaign has been putting in the work, building real people power to achieve fundamental policy changes to drive #betterbudgets and #betterschools at SLPS.

We knocked on thousands of doors. We’ve had hundreds of conversations.

We hosted a school board candidates forum, the first of its kind with our partner Action St. Louis. We’ve led get out the vote efforts to build awareness around school board elections and our vote plan resource reached over 3,700 community members.

We attended many school board meetings and committee meetings. We are proud of what we have accomplished, and we are super encouraged by the changes that we see SLPS making in response.

We Push…


This is just the beginning. There is so much more work ahead. Our children deserve access to an excellent education. Our children deserve to realize their fullest potential. Our children deserve the resources to activate the genius that exist within each of them.

While there are tangible wins that have been achieved through our collective action, the district still has an opportunity and responsibility to formally adopt these demands into formal policies. To support Saint Louis Public Schools with formally adopting these demands, we have published this policy toolkit that includes research, case studies on other school systems, and some draft resolution.

We will be in touch soon with important updates on what our changemakers have working on to advance equity and justice for children in St. Louis city.


Let’s keep building,

Better Budgets, Better Schools Campaign Leaders