Choose the Change that Transforms St. Louis this November and Beyond

Choose the Change that Transforms St. Louis this November and Beyond

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As autumn greets us with brisk winds, falling leaves, and porches with pumpkins, there is one thing we are reminded of, especially in a year like 2020, that change is inevitable. It is the only constant.

Yet, how change manifests itself and the outcomes it produces are not some predetermined fate that we cannot escape. We, together, have the power to create the change we want to see. Together, we have the power to bend the arc of our region and the soul of our nation towards equity, love, and liberation. We have the opportunity to choose how change impacts not only our lives but our babies, our communities, and the future that awaits us all.

Stories of Change

“I can feel the tears falling as I write this; I am not usually a crier, but I’m just having this bittersweet realization. You see, I’ve always felt pretty blessed in life like I have so much I should be grateful for. But, I've realized just now, at 51 years old, that this is the first time I’ve felt truly powerful and recognized as a leader in early childhood education personally and professionally.

Every child deserves an affirming, culturally responsive early childhood experience. Right now, many of the programs poised to be most culturally responsive and serve 0-5-year-olds from our most divested communities are struggling to meet or exceed licensing requirements. Prop R will be a game changer for these providers, but it’s just the beginning.”

– Dr. Jodi Johnson, Director of William L. Clay Sr. Early Childhood Development/Parenting Education Center, Yes on R Campaign Supporter, and WEPOWER Leader

Read her full story here.

East St. Louis Residents Call for Economic Policy Change


The Elevate ESTL campaign grew out of a collective of Black residents of East St. Louis City with pride and determination. They want to breathe life back into our community by ensuring quality and accessible jobs are brought to East St. Louis and stay in East St. Louis. They want a better quality of life for ourselves, our neighbors, our children, and our community. So our leaders decided to take action! The campaign leaders are calling for: city council to pass a Community Benefits Agreement ordinance and ensure good jobs are accessible to the people of ESTL. Learn more about the campaign here:

A Call to Join Us in This Change

  • CALL TO ACTION #1: Doorknock and grab a socially distanced slice of pizza with the Yes on R campaign this Sunday in the 9th ward at 1:30 pm. Sign up today!
    • The Yes on R Campaign is a community-led campaign to raise approximately $2.3 million annually for early childhood services benefitting 0-5-year-olds in the city’s most divested areas.
  • CALL TO ACTION #2: Come to our East St. Louis leaders virtual Teach-In to learn more about their policy solutions to advance community benefits agreements and spark good jobs in their home city. RSVP today.
    • Elevate ESTL campaign grew out of a collective of Black residents of East St. Louis full of pride and determination. They have developed three policy solutions they believe can shift power and drive economic opportunity. Learn more here.
  • CALL TO ACTION #3: Download your free coloring sheet from Valeria and Shine in All Shades in honor of the November 2020 election. Click here now.
    • Color the revolution in all the colors you imagine it to be. Valeria was a member of the
      first cohort of the WEPOWER Accelerator and the founder of Shine in All Shades.
      Color, then create your vote plan here at WEPOWER’s election center

Who do we choose to be? How will the inevitable change that awaits us on November 4th be molded by our collective action towards a just and free world that nurtures Black and Latinx lives rather than destroys them?

We offer a path forward over the next 12 days and for the rest of 2020. We hope you choose to join us in creating the kind of change our ancestors prayed for and generations to come deserve.

Charli + WEPOWER Team