Moment to Movement
Giving Community

A Giving Community Committed to Long-Term Power Building

There comes a moment in every person’s life where they confront a problem that calls on them to transform their pain, power, and passion towards something that’s larger than themselves. WEPOWER meets Black and Latinx folks at that moment – activating them as changemakers and entrepreneurs to join our movement towards building the political and economic power necessary to design systems that no longer harm our lives, but instead nurtures them.


The Moment to Movement Giving Community fuels WEPOWER’s ability to activate Black and Latinx community power. Together, with changemakers and entrepreneurs, we are stewards of justice and equity. We dream big and dare boldly. 

Your support allows us to turn these moments with thousands of Black and Latinx community members into a powerful movement to drive change across St. Louis. 


Together we are creating a beloved community while finding ways to create joy and laughter throughout our pursuit of a better future. 

Giving Community Opportunities:

This isn’t your usual giving community. We invite you to join us in the work. There are many ways to engage:

  • Reading monthly newsletters that keep you up to date on impact, opportunities, and stories from our changemakers and entrepreneurs.
  • Attending campaign actions and training focused on early childhood education and community benefits agreements.
  • Grabbing coffee with a member of the WEPOWER team to deepen our relationship with one another.
  • Hosting a salon to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to this movement.

Tyrean’s Moment

Founder & Owner of Heru Urban Farming Garden

“I decided I wanted to do something to address food insecurity in my neighborhood, so I started growing food for myself and giving away some to single moms and the elderly. It wasn’t long after that when I decided to grow food for my whole community. I remember I was sitting on my porch, staring at an empty lot across the street, where three houses once stood. I pictured myself starting a garden on that empty lot. I’m talking down to the most minute details, like the smell of the plants, the sound of the wind, and the feel of the soil in my hands. I manifested every detail of my dream business that day.” 



  • Raised approximately $60,000 in follow-on capital.
  • Hired his first employee.

Paula's Moment

Early Childhood Education Organizer

"Attending WEPOWER Weekend 2022, has changed my life in ways that I would not have imagined. I was reminded of the way I was raised– but had strayed away from the WE being too focused on the I, and forgetting that we are all better when we put our community first. Imagine If instead of leaving homes that are owned free of mortgages or rent, we instead invested those thousand of dollars a year into our children, ourselves, our communities, or establishing generational wealth. Imagine If instead of moving to communities that then move away from us once we are there, we stepped into powerful roles to reestablish a North Saint Louis that once was a gathering place for joy and celebration."

  • Since joining WEPOWER, I’ve had countless discussions with the community about what it looks like if we’re able to secure funds for early childhood and where we think these funds should be allocated towards. In addition, much of this work is talking about the profession with the respect it deserves since this profession has historically been treated as “women's work,” especially Black and Brown women. So, it hasn't been valued. I think more parents, aunts, uncles, and even teachers should get involved in initiatives like the Power Building Academy, the Power and Policy Action Group, and even running for elected office. We need folks we trust working to help enact the early childhood education reform our community wants and needs.
  • As a community we should not have to leave the generational wealth passed to us in order for our children to have more choice in education or to be able to start businesses that support the economy in our communities. When we are called on, we have a responsibility to answer. I truly hope you join me and the rest of the WEPOWER community and stay outside with us in the months and years ahead. We have money to win for our babies and conditions to change in our communities.

There comes a moment in every person’s life where they confront an injustice that calls on them to act towards something that’s larger than themselves. WEPOWER meets Black and Latinx folks at these moments.

Thank you for fueling the work of transforming moments into movement.