Last Night We Won + Today We Build – Join Us April 13th and May 13th!

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April 10, 2023

Last Night We Won + Today We Build – Join us April 13th and May 13th!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve knocked on 5,000+ doors, texted 85,000 voters, and had hundreds of community convos. Last night, the WEPOWER team went to bed tired, but the good kind of tired – the victorious, joyous, appreciative, “this is the work” kinda tired. 


We wake up this morning so excited to celebrate Prop C passing which will allow for the creation of a commission to amend the 100+ year-old  St. Louis City Charter, which to date has stalled serious equitable progress in our region.  And, we are equally thrilled to congratulate two of the newly elected alders, Shameem Clark Hubbard and Daniela Velazquez, alumni of WEPOWER’s Chisholm’s Chair Fellowship, a one-of-a-kind program to support bold and equity-driven Black and Latinx women with preparing for public office. 


Not only did Daniela and Shameem win last night, they have pledged public support for WEPOWER and our coalitions’ goals of increasing public funding for our babies and advancing policies that build wealth in our most marginalized yet magical communities. 


Additionally, Marie Franklin (Ms. Marie to us), another alum of Chisholm’s Chair and the Power Building Academy, our program that trains folks on the fundamentals of community organizing, ran for Mayor of East St. Louis. Although she didn’t win, congratulations to her on the hard work, values-driven, and people-powered campaign she ran! 


In short, last night, WE WON – the collective WE – the WEPOWER community, the region, our babies, and neighborhoods that have a right to more resources and opportunities. And, today, WE BUILD – power and momentum – and sustain our collective commitment to the much, much harder work required of all of us POST ELECTION DAY. 


There’s TWO ways you can build wealth and power with us over the next several weeks.

Let’s celebrate, and most importantly, let’s build!


Charli + WEPOWER team