Nyara Williams | WEOUTSIDE

Friday, August 18th at Missouri’s Botanical Garden, WEPOWER hosted their second ever Garden Party. Filmmaker Nyara Williams premiered a documentary on behalf of WEPOWER and shared some reflections ahead of its previewing. This touched all of our hearts and we wanted to also share with you.

August 18, 2023

Nyara Williams | WEOUTSIDE Blooming

Photo by: Myrina Otey


Friday, August 18, 2023 at Missouri's Botanical Garden, Filmmaker Nyara Williams presents the "WE OUTSIDE" documentary during WEPOWER Weekend on behalf of WEPOWER. This moment touched all of our hearts and we wanted to share this speech with you to inspire you as much as it did us. Take a look:


We are gathered here today, under one garden.


One universe.

Rotating around one sun.

The flowers I’m baring witness to at this moment,


possess many seeds.

Seeds rooted in foundation, love & humility.


seeds that I’ve watched be planted all over the city. Including this one right here.


And from the birth of that seed —  it takes some digging, some watering, some breaking, some bending, some falling, some complaining, some repotting, some growth, falling again, and more growth and then — bloom.


There she is.



Surrounded by community. Friends turned family. And a cup that runneth over, because the watering of her seeds —- took bravery. It took resilience. It took, attacks on character, integrity, and longevity. It took realizing its humanness to know that, we’re just all trying to figure out how to grow. How to shine without our plant overshadowing another. Hoping that our leaves are just as green as the next.


But this garden comes with many colors to paint one beautiful picture.


This memory,

This air,

each other,


We’re outside y’all.

I want you to look to somebody right now and say “we outside.”


Now look to ya other neighbor with a bit more enthusiasm and say “we outside.”


Don’t you miss that? You just connected your seed to another tree. And yea it’s vulnerable, and deep rooted, but we need each other.


And As you watch this film, I want you to ask yourself:


What does it truly look like to be outside for your babies? Not just the ones you’ve birthed or people you mother, but YOUR inner child?


What does it TRULY look like to be outside for your community? To dig, repot, and water each other?


and what does that future hold? So,

I sat down with Charli & fellow friends of WEPOWER to explore some of those possibilities together. Building a world where we are outside for our babies, our communities, and our future.


So welcome.


My name is Nyara Williams, director, producer, and dreamer —


And I present to you, WEPOWER’s, “WEOUTSIDE” documentary.


Thank you.