We celebrated our one-year anniversary last week!

  Photo by Kristen Trudo.

Photo by Kristen Trudo.

Over these past twelve months, we have trained and supported 44 community members with developing new solutions and advocating for policy change for children in East St. Louis and St. Louis City.

Those 44 community members have door knocked and phone banked 10,000+ of their neighbors. More than 1,000 residents signed on in support of their policy solutions.

Together, they inspired East St. Louis District 189 to pledge to implement a community school model that has the potential to positively impact hundreds and eventually thousands of youth.

Together, they inspired four out of seven of St. Louis Public School’s elected board members to adopt policy solutions that will increase budget transparency and community voice.

Together, they listened to 500+ parents and early childhood educators to hear their dreams of change as they imagine a better future for our youth.

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