Help Select Our Next Cohort of Black and Latinx Founders

FEBRUARY 22, 2021

Help Select Our Next Cohort of Black and Latinx Founders

WEPOWER friends, Happy Black History Month!


This month is as much about our history as it is about staying awake together, reimagining a safer and more dignified future for all Black people.


WEPOWER imagines a future where Black and Latinx communities are wealthy, healed, and powerful. That’s why I am so excited to introduce you to the 21 WEPOWER Accelerator Finalists for our second cohort of the WEPOWER Accelerator, which provides founders with curriculum, connections, community, and access to capital through grants and interest-free loans in partnership with Kiva.


Many of these founders, at their core, are healers – leveraging their skills, hustle, and gifts – to create a future that nurtures and protects our bodies, joy, and wellbeing. From Ciara, owner of Rebundle who provides biodegradable hair extensions and synthetic hair recycling, to Patrick, owner of Coffeestamp which provides ethically sourced coffee from Honduras. 


Help Select Our Next Cohort of Black and Latinx Founders



Cast your ballot today to help us select the next cohort of the WEPOWER Accelerator! We especially hope to hear from neighbors in wards 3 and 21:  Voting closes this Thursday, February 25th.




Meet Tiffany, an inaugural member of the WEPOWER Accelerator, who founded Pure Vibes, a worker-owned company that creates essential wellness products, including artisan-made soaps and aromatherapy products, that elevate our customers and communities. Read her story here.

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the interconnectedness of dreams. How our ancestors’ dreams reach out and hold onto, a grandmother’s, a father’s, his daughter’s. I feel so grateful as my dream — starting my business, Pure Vibes, and seeing it grow and bloom— becomes a reality. It felt important for me to reflect on how I’ve come to be where I am today and what I can do to encourage my brothers and sisters in entrepreneurship to hustle for their dreams.”