Why I Signed on to the Rise 189 Policy Solutions

When people sign on to our policy solutions, there is a blank with the prompt, “This is important to me because…” Here are a few of our favorite responses!

This is important to me because…

Urisheri Barnes

My children are a part of District 189. I am a part of District 189 and interested in continuously finding/searching for new improved ways to elevate our students and also uplift and support all members who work to make those things happen.

Chisom Uche

It’s important that the community has a unified voice and stake in its own progress. A 3-year plan that is constructed in unison with and overseen by a mutually agreed upon third-party is a positive step in creating trust and accountability in this regions progress. Furthermore, a well-constructed performance and growth plan will create alignment and can provide administrators with a greater purpose in their roles.

La Tisha Washington

East Saint Louis is my home and my family’s future is here. I have a stake in the future through the youth in my family that are blessed to be served by District 189.

Mike Woods

Community voice must be heard. Being intentional with engaging community will lead to change throughout the region. Please do limit your engagement to listening, please take the next step which is the most important step acting on the request.

Zach Chike

I love this city. My son and daughters will be products of this district, and I believe change is coming.

Whitney Roberson

My son is just starting out in the district and I want to see him learn and grow in 189 as his family has.

Sandranetta Coleman

I am a product of School District 189, My educational experience was truly exceptional and memorable. I feel strongly that because of the support, encouragement, and care that I received from the District 189 community, I am the thoughtful, productive, resilient human being I am today. I am not a doctor or lawyer, but I consider myself to be a success because thanks to my education in District 189, I am a SUCCESS at life! That is what my parents envisioned for me and I strive every day to make them proud. I want to put my shoulders to the wheel to help children in East St. Louis especially because I see children throughout the country that I love in serious crisis.

Austin Isom

I am an alumni of the East St. Louis Class of 1975. I worked in the automotive industry for Century Foundry located in St Louis, MO in the Machining Department as a Cmm programmer. I worked there for 28 years, 9 of those years I spent as a quality supervisor / quality engineer. 

There was a co-worker of mine who gave the employees that were from East St. Louis the greatest complement. He noticed the the employees that worked in the plant that were from East St. Louis were more knowledgeable of their jobs.

We need more programmers, computer network, Graphic design, 3d (Modeling, Programming, Printing), and animation professionals. These are good jobs and start out around $65 an hour. Lastly, we need to find a way to keep our young black men in school.

Grady Brown

I’m district 189 Alum and ready to make tomorrow better for our future stakeholders.

Tatyana Bell

As a product of District 189 and a resident who has recently moved back to East Saint Louis, IL, I want the best for not only my child but also the other youth in this great city. I had great counselors and teachers who impacted me greatly to become successful. The youth in this city deserve the same, which is why I’m giving my support to this cause.

Tamika Hentz

All efforts to improve the upcoming children help us all.

Rosalyn Bryant

I am a resident teacher and public health professional who sees the disconnect from the community, schools, and district through a very unique lens. As a former student of District 189, a current public health advocate of all, and a future teacher and leader in East St. Louis, I need transparency. I have valuable insight to contribute to the empowerment of our youth and sustainable improvement in our educational endeavors. We are a collective whole who is weak when divided but strong when active, open, and forward thinking. This is not to dismiss the need for an awareness of what has and hasn’t worked in the past, which is just as important. In a world of problems, I seek to create a positive disruption that yields many solutions—and more importantly—actionable steps.