Grounded in Hope

Charli Cooksey


Election tensions are high. A lot is at stake. I want to offer seven strategies for moving forward in the pursuit of justice even when the ground feels uncertain: How to Stay Grounded in Hope.

Tomorrow’s elections are also powerful. The act of voting is a tool we use to turn our visions for change into reality. Casting your vote will impact the lives of our students and community.

We will have the opportunity to vote for many important positions like state and U.S. Senators. In St. Louis city, where our Power-Builders are running GOTV canvasses and phone banks, the ballot includes candidates for the district’s elected school board.

City residents — if you don’t yet have a personal vote plan, make one using this helpful chart! If you’d like to collect signatures at the polls with Better Budgets Better Schools campaign, reply to this email. I’ll connect you with the coalition.

We know that the work does not end when we submit our ballots. We must continue our efforts to build long-term change by supporting and listening to resident-led calls for change. With this in mind, will you join us the Wednesday after the election at the Public Hearing on Why Equitable School Funding Matters?

We have an abundance of updates and pictures for you below! I hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to connect with us this coming month.