ESTL Cohort Launch First Ed-Advocacy Campaign

District 189 cover

Today, after several months of community organizing training, community engagement, policy research, and data analysis, a number of concerned parents, students, educators, and community members have come together in hopes of elevating the district to new levels.

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WE Dare to Demand a Better St. Louis

smiling Black woman with daughter

This April 2018, 16 Black women from across North St. Louis City, of all ages and backgrounds convened to embark upon a journey of self-exploration and community change. None of them exactly​ knew what they were getting themselves into…

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Grounded in Hope

painting of young Black student heading down road

We will have the opportunity to vote for many important positions like state and U.S. Senators. In St. Louis city, where our Power-Builders are running GOTV canvasses and phone banks, the ballot includes candidates for the district’s elected school board.

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