Announcing the WEPOWER Accelerator!

Charli Cooksey

Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of WEPOWER’s Elevate/Elevar, St. Louis’ only accelerator specifically for Black and Latinx founders of early-stage companies committed to St. Louis. Our application is live!

In designing the accelerator, we listened intently to over 100 entrepreneurs. We fanatically researched emerging and best practices far and wide. We reflected upon ways to be responsive and evidence-based. We’ve taken into consideration traditional and innovative practices that honor what we learned from Black and Latinx entrepreneurs across St. Louis.

The Elevate/Elevar Accelerator acknowledges and celebrates the vast untapped potential of Black and Latinx entrepreneurs and the urgent opportunity to spark economic development and wealth building in low-wealth communities.

Together, our region has an opportunity to simultaneously elevate founders and communities to build shared economic power by accelerating differently. Companies accepted into our inaugural cohort will access capital, connections, and curriculum that will elevate their ability to be investment ready and to scale their company to newer heights. 

Our new report Dream of Change, Accelerate Creators shares how and why we designed the accelerator this way. It’s part of our strategy working towards a future where every community has power, the ability to act and self-determine. As Lisa Hamilton thoughtfully reflects, “The stronger families are, the stronger their communities can and will be. Entrepreneurship can help build individual and community wealth, but only if we are intentional in our efforts.”

To elevate companies that elevate communities, we need you to join us. We’re excited to plug you in:

Let’s elevate!

Dream of Change Report

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